Written by: Thomas R. Augusto

Distorted, wrong and false teaching in the area of money, riches and possessions among Christians have a negative effect of producing distorted, wrong and false desires, attitudes, affections and ambitions. Error and false teachings in our understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in the context of the believer’s relationship to the present physical world have a tendency of directing love, faith and hope away from God to present earthly glory.

Is the so-called gospel of financial and material wealth a revelation from God or merely a human fleshly desire for the things of this world?

Are worldly riches (as the world defines them and as taught by many modern preachers) available to all believers who desire them through faith, as a so-called covenant right and through the giving of money to church institutions and to preachers, worse still for the personal enrichment of certain preachers and church and denominational leaders and the servicing of lifeless things? Should Christians, and as a body, aspire to the financial and economic power of this present age in the name of claiming the promises of the New Covenant?

Does the Lord Jesus use worldly, carnal and perishable riches as an element of the measure of a believer’s glory, blessedness or prosperity in Him?

Can we ignore the effects of a world still in bondage and whose systems keep the majority of its people as servants to a few rich masters and owners of the world’s scarce resources, and accuse those whom God has blessed with all spiritual blessings of a lack of faith and of being cursed because they do not possess the world’s subjective symbols of financial glory?

Awake from sleep for not many have the knowledge of God!

Thomas R. Augusto lives in Harare with his family and can be contacted on +26 377 266 8809 or +26 377 637 4737; or by email: africachristianfoundation@yahoo.com